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Cornerstone CU Resources (CCUR) is the most comprehensive outsourcing option offered by DoveLink Business. CCUR provides significant benefits for your Credit Union for costs that are less than you expect. CCUR focuses on three main categories: Programming, Business Services, and Support. In 2022 CCUR Premium became even better by including some of the most popular solutions offered by DoveLink Business within the monthly subscription. First term CCUR partners now receive discounts to "test-drive" CCUR and see how your credit union benefits.

  • A Flat Monthly Subscription!!
  • Not Just Programming...
  • CCUR Provides You Flexibiliy

DoveLink Business will provide you an analysis that can prove that CCUR, giving your Credit Union instant access to an experienced team of professionals is far less than the cost of hiring a single IT Employee. Our team of developers, engineers, analysts, project managers and support staff with more than 20 years' experience billed at flat monthly subscription! Not only does CCUR provide resources for programming projects; you can partner with DoveLink Business to accomplish other non-programming services. For example, database verification, process assessment, back office support, merger assistance, etc. Of course, CCUR provides programming with PowerOn, PowerFrame, .NET, Python just to name a few. With CCUR you are not limited to the number of hours, or number of projects ... CCUR simply gives you access to additional professional talent that becomes an extension of your internal team. DoveLink still provides estimates, project plans, detailed timesheets and monthly reports. We will even provide a Statement of Work when needed; but you are no longer concerned with purchasing additional hours. CCUR gives you flexibility on how to manage your outsourcing.