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Walk Before You Run

Before jumping into a long-term commitment you want know that a partner is a good fit for your organization. With our unique "Walk Before You Run" program we give you the opportunity to do just that! "Walk Before You Run" allocates 50 hours for only $3,500.00. Just like our normal Principal Systematic Support bundles these hours never expire and can be used for most any IT task! It's Simple, It's inexpensive and it just makes sense!

  • One Incredible Rate!!
  • Complete Support
  • Lock into a Long Term Partnership
  • Comprehensive Project Management

Get to know us better by participating in a unique program called "Walk Before You Run." Partners receive 50 hours at an incredible rate of $70 per hour. WBYR hours can be used for virtually any IT related need. WBYR hours are discounted in cost only! Partners have full access to our online portal, status meetings, weekly and monthly reports. Assistance through our Project Coordinator Liaison Team (PCLT) ensuring that you get most out of you investment into DoveLink Business. After WBYR you have the option to continue with our partnership using either Principal Systematic Support (PSS) bundles our a Cornerstone CU Resources (CCUR) subscription. DoveLink Business will always provide an estimate on the number of hours for any project submitted. For larger projects partners can request a Statement of Work, Project Plan and to be managed by a DoveLink Business Project Manager.